Why KBI Egg Roll cookie / waffle roll Machine is better?

Why KBI Egg Roll machine is the best in the world?  Advantage of KBI Egg Roll Cookie (waffle roll) Machine

1. Many Famous Cookie Shop using KBI Egg Roll Machine
We are making KBI Egg Roll machines for more than 30 years and exporting them all around the world.

2. Two Tempetaure Contrrol units 

Why you need two temperaute control units in Egg Roll machine ? 
With two temp control units, Egg Roll baking pan can get accuracy temperature on both up pan and down pan.  Therefore you can make many kinds of Egg Roll Cookie (waffle Roll) biscuit to feed picky eater. 3. Intergrated Baking Pan with Heater inside. --- Heavy Duty, Long Lasting.

One piece casting processing , putting the heater in the casting mold intergrates Baking Pan. Therefore, the heater total inside the Baking Pan is very durable. 4. High quality Heater
High quality material ( made in Japan ) inside the heater. 

5. Big Handle.--Easy to use.
Bigger handle for easy use. Longer handle keep hot baking pan  away from your hand.

6. SSR(s…

2019 Taipei International Bakery Show

Taipei Bakery Show with Choice Pastry CEO Ms. Huang.

egg roll cookie machine

egg roll cookie machine

Thanks for all the friends visiting our Booth in 2019 Taipei International Bakery Show.


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Why KBI Egg Roll cookie / waffle roll Machine is better?