2018 Taipei Food show. 180 Liters Plaanetary mixer & egg roll cookie machine exhibited.

Thanks for all friends visit our booth in Taipei Foodtech Show.
Planetary mixer, Egg Roll Cookie machine exhibited.

Thanks all our friends visiting and talking with us about Food Industry.
And thanks for all friends ordered Auto Egg Roll Cookie Machine.

New Auto Egg Roll Cookie Machine (automatic opening & closing ) vedio

Our New Auto Egg Roll cookie machine vedio. 

Egg Roll Cookie is the Asian Type cookie popular in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

2018 Taipei Foodtech Show.

KBI will be attending 2018 Taipei Foodtech Show June 27 .30.

Visit us at booth L0727 and talk with Louis Chiang for your effective mixing need.

KB 412 180liters planetary mixer
And egg roll cookie machine will be exhibitted.